Adnan Al Mhamied

Adnan Al Mhamied is a Syrian PhD student at McGill’s School of Social Work. He has worked with internally displaced Syrians in his hometown of Dar’a in southern Syria, as well as with Syrian refugees in Jordan. Adnan’s research focuses on Syrian families in transition and post-migration, and more specifically the experiences of Syrian refugee fathers in Canada. He is also part of a national team for the Refugee Integration and Long-Term Health Outcomes in Canada project. This longitudinal study aims to understand how social integration influences mental and physical health, to inform refugee resettlement and integration practices.

His publications include: J. Hanley, A. Al Mhamied, J. Cleveland, O. Hajjar, G. Hassan, N. Ives, R. Khyar and M. Hynie (2018) “The Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital of Syrian Refugees Sponsored to Settle in Montreal: Indications from their Early Experiences of Integration,” Canadian Ethnic Studies 50(2): 123-149.