Christopher Chanco

As a PhD student at McGill’s History Department, Christopher specialises in the 20th century history of humanitarianism and human rights, with a particular focus on the intersections between the treatment of refugees, migrant diasporas, and humanitarian solidarities in the context of Cold War geopolitics. Under the supervision of Professor Laura Madokoro, his dissertation research looks into the experiences of Jewish humanitarian organisations in Canada, France, and the United States that worked on behalf of various groups of refugees across the postwar period. This builds on his MA thesis on the transnational history of the Canadian Jewish Labour Committee and its activism on behalf of minorities and refugees in North America.

Before coming to Canada, Christopher worked as a writer and researcher in the non-profit sector, where he has published on issues concerning post-colonial democracy, human rights, civil society, and the politics of internal displacement and ethnonationalist conflict in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.