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The following events are planned for January 2021:

TITLE: What Can Learning Games Teach Us About Ethical Refugee Response?

DATE: Wednesday, 20 January

TIME: 1400 EST

LOCATION: Please contact us at or to receive the link for the Zoom event.

BIO: Matthew Stevens is Director of Lessons Learned Simulations and Training, a professional development training firm for humanitarian workers with a focus on simulations and serious games. Matthew has worked with refugees and migrants since 2008, from downtown Cairo to the Peruvian Amazon. Since founding LLST in 2018, he has produced educational content for organizations such as Save the Children UK, the German Red Cross, and UNHCR, and LLST workshops have been delivered on four continents to members of dozens humanitarian, academic, and government organizations.


TITLE: Online Refugee Response Simulation

DATE:  Saturday, 23 January

TIME: 1300-1600 EST


A new refugee response simulation, presented for the McGill Refugee Research Group by Lessons Learned and the Laval SimEx team.

Participants take on the role of humanitarian workers or heads of displaced families as they attempt to navigate the challenges of a displacement crisis from their own points of view. 

Before the simulation day, participants will be required to access the Discord app and join the Lessons Learned simulation discord server. Directions will be provided via email.

This event will take no more than 3 hours including a briefing, simulation, and debriefing.

Registration in advance is required. Space is limited. Please DO NOT register if you are not certain you will be attending. If you register and find you are unable to take part, please inform the facilitation team as soon as possible at

More information on our other events in the Winter of 2021 will be posted soon.

Previous Events:

Fall 2020:

Please register for the events on Eventbrite or Facebook in order to receive the link to our Zoom meeting.

1. The Double Bind of Refugees in Lebanon, Thursday October 8, 2020 at noon, EDT.

2. Canadian Law and Refugee Rights, Thursday October 29, 2020 at noon, EDT.

3. Global Updates: Refugee Protection and Empowerment, Thursday November 26, 2020 at noon, EST.

Winter 2020:

"My grandmother is my archive": Open source software and democracy in archival practice
January 17 | 12:30 - 2pm | Peterson 116

Palestine Open Maps Mapathon
January 18 | 1 - 4pm | Leacock 738

Making Migrations: Population Displacement Strategies in Civil Wars
24 January | 12:00-1:30 | Leacock 429

In skype conversation with Laura Madokoro (Carlton U.) & screening of Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time (2017)
Thursday January 30 | 4 - 6pm | Arts 160

DAVID FITZGERALD, UC San Diego"Refuge beyond reach: how rich democracies repel asylum seekers"
January 31 | 3:00pm | Ballroom, Thomson House, McGill U.

"The Making of Migration: The Biopolitics of Mobility at Europe's Borders".
Monday March 9 | 4 - 6pm | Peterson 116

CAITLIN PROCTER, European University Institute
"Gaza and the March of Return Protests" & screening of Gaza (2019, dir. Andrew McConnell and Gary Keane)
Monday March 16 | 4 - 6pm | Peterson 116

UC Davis
In dialogue with Lisa Stevenson & screening of Era Un Lunes (It was a Monday)
April 1 | 4 - 6pm | Wendy Patrick Room, Wilson Hall

Fall 2019:

Friday 27 September, 12:00-1:30 –

Jane McAdam (University of New South Wales)

“A Month, a Year, a Decade? The Temporal Capacity of International Protection for Refugees and other Forced Migrants”
Location: New Chancellor Day Hall 201 (Lunch provided)Co-hosted with the Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law and the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism
Find the event on Facebook here

Thursday 10 October, 12:00-1:30 –

Martha Balaguera (University of Toronto)

“Refuge as Punishment: Everyday Struggles of Central American Asylum Seekers in Southern California”
Location: Peterson 116 (Lunch provided)
Co-hosted with the Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID), Réseau d’études latino-américaines de Montréal (RELAM) and Équipe de recherche interuniversitaire sur l’inclusion et la gouvernance en Amérique latine (ERIGAL)

Friday 8 November, 12:00-1:30 –

Stephanie Schwartz (University of Southern California)

“After Displacement: Returnees in International Politics”
Location: Leacock 429 (Lunch provided)
Co-hosted with the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (CIPSS)

Friday 15 November, 12:00-1:30 –

Philippe Borbeau (Université Laval)

“Resilience and World Politics: Inducing the Securitisation of International Migration”
Location: Leacock 429 (Lunch provided)
Co-hosted with the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (CIPSS)

Monday 2 December, 12:00-2:00 –

Jill Hanley (McGill University), Sabine Lehr (Royal Roads University/Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria), Geoff Cameron (University of Toronto)

“Refugee resettlement to Canada: Outcomes and challenges”
Location: Wendy Patrick Room, 118 Wilson Hall (Lunch provided)