Farah Atoui

Farah Atoui is pursuing a PhD in Communication Studies at McGill University.  Focusing on Dubai, her project is concerned with how, in the context of neoliberal globalization and intensified human migrations, urbanization contributes to the production of groups of differentiated and unequal migrant subjects. Farah is also currently researching the mediation of migration in Europe, looking at how mainstream media and political discourses mobilize the concept of “crisis” as well as a misleading distinction between refugee and economic migrant, to investigate what work these discursive categories perform in the politics of Europe and the wider debate on migration. She is a SSHRC doctoral fellow and a member of Regards palestiniensand Regards syriens, two collectives dedicated to the organization of annual screening series of contemporary Palestinian and Syrian cinema at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal. She holds a Masters in Media Studies from Concordia University (2015) and a Master in Management from ESCP Europe (2007), and has held senior positions at the Sharjah Art Foundation and Art Dubai, two leading cultural institutions based in the United Arab Emirates.

For more information, see: https://www.mcgill.ca/ahcs/people-contacts/grad-students/farah-atoui.