Jennifer Elrick

Jennifer Elrick is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at McGill. Her research examines immigration policy and the boundaries of national belonging; state categorization practices (e.g. ethnic classifications in official statistics and legal categories created by immigration policies) and their role in producing social inequality; and the reciprocal relationship between ethnic identities and deliberation (understood as a particular form of political communication emphasizing inclusion and reason giving). Her work has been published in Ethnic and Racial Studies, International Migration, International Migration Review, the Journal of International Migration and Integration, Sociological Forum and Sociology. She is currently working on two projects that focus on the role of immigration bureaucracies in immigration control. The first, “Determining the Role of Immigration Bureaucrats in Immigration Control: A Historical Case Study of Canada, 1952-1979,” is funded with a SSHRC Insight Development Grant. The second, “Immigration Bureaucrats and Immigration Control: Multi-Level Migration Management in Germany, 1955-1965,” is being undertaken with a FRQSC Research Support for New Academics Grant.

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