Jill Hanley

Jill Hanley is Associate Professor in the McGill School of Social Work and Scientific Director of the SHERPA Research Centre on migration, health and social services. Her research focuses on access to social rights (health, housing, labour) for precarious status migrants, including refugees. Currently, she is the Quebec lead for a pan-Canadian, 4-year longitudinal CIHR study on the integration experiences of resettled Syrian refugees and the Principal Investigator on a grant examining the socio-economic trajectories of refugee claimants who entered Quebec via irregular border crossings in 2018-2019.

Her most recent relevant publications include: J. Hanley, N. Ives, J. Lenet, C.A. Walsh, S. Hordyk, S. Ben Soltane and D. Este (forthcoming, 2019) “Housing Insecurity and Health: An Intersectional Analysis of the Experiences of Migrant Women,” International Journal of Migration, Health & Social Care;J. Hanley et al (forthcoming) “Transportation and Temp Agency Work: Risks and Opportunities for Migrant Workers,” Cahiers du géographie québécois; J. Hanley, A. Al Mhamied, J. Cleveland, O. Hajjar, G. Hassan, N. Ives, R. Khyar and M. Hynie (2018) “The Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital of Syrian Refugees Sponsored to Settle in Montreal: Indications from their Early Experiences of Integration,” Canadian Ethnic Studies 50(2): 123-149; J. Beatson, J. Hanley and A. Ricard-Guay (2017) “The Intersection of Exploitation and Coercion in Cases of Canadian Labour Trafficking,” Journal of Law and Social Policy 26(1): 137-158; and N. Ives, J. Hanley, C. Walsh and D. Este (2014) “Transnational Elements of Newcomer Women’s Housing Insecurity: Remittances and Social Networks,” Transnational Social Review 4(2-3): 152-167.