Nicole Ives

Nicole Ives is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at McGill. She is a qualitative researcher who has been working with refugee and immigrant populations in resettlement for the past 28 years in Canada, Denmark, and the USA. Her research projects focus on Syrian refugee resettlement in Canada; integration experiences of refugee claimants in Quebec; collaboration between resettlement and early childhood education organizations; refugee children’s experiences of belonging in a recreational setting; and experiences of homelessness for newcomer women in Canada. Dr. Ives currently serves on the Board of Directors for Montreal City Mission, a social justice ministry providing support to refugee children and youth, refugee claimants, and refugee and immigrant elders, and is an Associate Member of McGill’s Centre for Research on Children and Families. She teaches Policy & Practice with Refugees (SWRK 400).

Her recent publications on refugee-related topics include: J. Hanley, N. Ives, J. Lenet, C.A. Walsh, S. Hordyk, S. Ben Soltane and D. Este (forthcoming, 2019) “Housing Insecurity and Health: An Intersectional Analysis of the Experiences of Migrant Women,” International Journal of Migration, Health & Social Care; J. Hanley, A. Al Mhamied, J. Cleveland, O. Hajjar, G. Hassan, N. Ives, R. Khyar and M. Hynie (2018) “The Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital of Syrian Refugees Sponsored to Settle in Montreal: Indications from their Early Experiences of Integration,” Canadian Ethnic Studies 50(2): 123-149; L. Morland, N. Ives, C. McNeely and C. Allen (2016) Collaboration between Head Start and Refugee Resettlement: Improving Access to Early Childhood Education for Refugees (Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute); and C. Walsh, J. Hanley, N. Ives and S. Hordyk (2016) “Exploring the Experiences of Newcomer Women with Insecure Housing in Montréal, Canada,” Journal of International Migration and Integration 17: 887-904.

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