Sarilee Kahn

Sarilee Kahn, Assistant Professor at the McGill University School of Social Work, studies the intersection of psychological trauma, culture, migration status, religion, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity for survivors of communal and familial violence. She is currently Principal Investigator for an Insight Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), where her research focuses on the development of best mental health practices for forced migrants who are also sexual and/or gender minorities.  Dr. Kahn teaches clinical courses on trauma and resilience in international populations, as well as adult mental health from a cross-cultural perspective.  As a practitioner, she has worked with conflict-affected individuals, and survivors of torture and gender-based violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Ebola-affected communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone. She serves as an expert witness on behalf of LGBTQ asylum seekers.  Dr. Kahn holds a Masters degree in Social Work and Public Health from Columbia University and earned a PhD in Social Work from New York University.

Her recent publications include: E.J. Alessi, S. Kahn and L. Woolner (2018) “A Qualitative Exploration of the Integration Experiences of LGBTQ Refugees who Fled from MENA and Central and South Asia to Austria and the Netherlands,” Sexuality Research and Social Policy; E.J. Alessi, S. Kahn, L. Woolner, and R. Van Der Horn (2018) “Traumatic Stress Sexual and Gender Minority Refugees from the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia who Fled to the European Union,” Journal of Traumatic Stress; S. Kahn, E.J. Alessi, H. Kim, C. Olivieri and L. Woolner (2018) “Facilitating Mental Health Support for LGBT Forced Migrants in Canada: A Qualitative Inquiry,”Journal of Counseling & Development; S. Kahn and E.J. Alessi (2018) “Coming Out Under the Gun: Exploring the Psychological Dimensions of Seeking Refugee Status for LGBT Claimants in Canada,” Journal of Refugee Studies31(1): 22-41; and S. Kahn, E.J. Alessi, C. Olivieri, L. Woolner and H. Kim (2017) “Promoting the Wellbeing of LGBT Forced Migrants in Canada,” Culture, Health & Sexuality19(10): 1165-1179.