Thomas Soehl

Thomas Soehl is Associate Professor of Sociology at McGill University and holds the Canada Research Chair in International Migration. His research examines the socio-political attachments of migrants, the ways in which host societies transform migrants, and how migration challenges modern nation-states. He brings a multi-level perspective to these issues. Shifting the analytic focus beyond the individual, his research highlights the importance of family dynamics for political incorporation and examines the inter-generational transmission of culture and socio-economic characteristics.  Taking seriously that every immigrant is also an emigrant, he examines migrants’ cross-border ties and how settlement reconfigures these ties. Finally, taking a comparative view, he studies the diversity migration engenders, and the policies and politics emerging in response to migration. His recent book, co-authored with Renee Luthra and Roger Waldinger, provides the most comprehensive theoretical framework to date for understanding the trajectories of the children of immigrants, showing how they are socially structured not only by the contexts they grow up in but also the contexts of emigration. In addition, he has published more than a dozen articles in the leading sociology and migration journals. His work has been funded by the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council, the Fonds de Recherche Quebec Science et Culture, and the France Canada Research Fund.

Soehl received his PhD in Sociology from the University of California Los Angeles in 2014. He also earned degrees from the University of Kassel (Urban Planning), the Graduate Center at CUNY (MA Political Science) and the Harvard Kennedy School (Public Administration) and worked as a policy analyst for the New York City Council.

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